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ODEA was created with a firm belief that beauty grows over the years and that no woman should hide her confidence and allure. This is why Nothing Happens by Chance. This is at the heart of our mission and our commitment to the care of the most delicate skin on a woman’s body.


ODEA knows that every woman is special and that’s why we have developed a new generation of products that takes care of the most intimate parts of the woman’s body, of a woman who is aware that she is not just a body but has a body to dedicate the attention. Odea has developed a new cosmetic philosophy, offering four targeted solutions and proven clinics.

Gentle Action

works gently with your body to moisturise intimate areas for smoothness and comfort

Intimate to You

Soft and delicate tenderness that offers your body and mind safety and reassurance of beauty

Researched Confidence

Researched feminine confidence; extends moisture; intimate delicacy; promotes and ensures intimate renewal

A touch of eternal youth




ODEA YOUTH SERUM is specially designed intimate serum based on probiotic technology. The probiotic, Lactococcus Ferment Lysate, creates a layer on the surface of the skin, enhancing healthy and protective skin function. Hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients hydrate the skin, making it flexible, elastic and with rejuvenating appearance. The serum is used for each type of skin, especially for irritation-prone skin. Fragrance free.
Active ingredients: Lactococcus  Ferment Lysate, Hyaluronic acid (Cube3), Helichrysum Italicum extract, Panthenol, Collagen, Rosa floral extract. 
Use: Apply the serum to the clean external surface of the intimate area and massage gently once a day, in the morning or evening. 
Note: External use only. Store at room temperature ( up to 25 C).


Youth is unrelated to years



The feeling, spirit, energy, these are all characteristics of youth, but also of our ODEA aware renewal serum, renewing collagen and giving your intimate area elasticity and moisture.

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